Chris Sale decided to give us a quick preview of what he plans to do to the Skankees for the next 6 months, striking out 10 over 6 innings yesterday in a 4-2 win. 

I can’t express how excited I am to watch this sexy rat looking twig dominate the AL East in 2 weeks. Opening day can’t come soon enough, especially now that the World Baseball Classic is coming to a close. Spring Training just hasn’t done it for me, which isn’t really a surprise. Other than Panda not being a fat slob this year, I haven’t found much to keep myself interested. But this is what I was looking for. Chris Sale being Chris Sale. 10 Ks over 6IP just shows Sale is more than ready for the season to start and hopefully that the first year curse that usually comes with a stud’s first season with us is not the case with Sale. Sale is projected to pitch the second game of the season, with Mr. Cy Young himself Pretty Ricky taking Opening Day. Let’s hope Sale will do the same against Pittsburgh on April 4th. How’s Sale’s cock feel, Yanks?



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